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Tech to save the world & more...

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Committed to saving the environment with technology

We are a small team dedicated to making green technology simpler for both the consumer and the

seasoned professional solar designer and installer


Boost Green Uptake

Our goal is to provide technology that will boost the uptake of green energy through making it easy and predictably safe as an investment


Assisting Clients

Assisting solar designers with the knowledge and tools to grow their clean energy business risk free and consumers by making “green” safe and easy


Love of Technology

Our love and knowledge of cutting edge technology help us create tools that save the environment

JacaraSolar auditing and design in minutes

Analyse a home or business energy profile in minutes.

No energy… No problem… Choose simulate or database

Go straight from logging to PV proposal in minutes

  • Creative Design
  • Easy to use
  • Highly accurate
  • Quotation in minutes

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Amazing Features

Some of the amazing features of Jacara.


Energy Audits

Analyse the energy usage of a home or business in minutes


PV Designer

Tailor a highly comprehensive PV system in minutes


Actual Weather Data

Jacara Designer utilises TMY (Typical Meteorological Year) data, specific to your client’s location



No access to an energy logger, or missed a seasonal load. Use the database or simulate the loads


Financial Savings

Determine ROI on individual efficiencies as well as payback and cash flow on complete system


Multiple PV

Compare multiple PV system types against each other for viability, payback, ROI etc.


Updates & SUpport

Updates ensure that Jacara is up to date with the latest trends and developments


Future Projects

Exciting projects coming soon


New Energy Logger

Senrii is currently developing an energy logger. This new device will have the latest Wi-Fi technology that can connect to your phone, computer or upload the data through your client’s home Wi-Fi directly to internet allowing you to complete your PV system design even before collecting your logger.


Geyser Controller

The long awaited geyser controller will be coming soon. Update to the latest technology trends like IoT, variable TDC and energy counter, this unit will maximize the savings on your solar geyser unlike any other controller out there. Stay up to date with our online app and control this unit via your smart phone.

The Team

Meet our amazing Team

R&D Manager

Billy de Jong

Specialist on all things solar.
Software Engineer

Thomas Russel-Smith

The nerd of all things Senrii
Accounting Manager

Sonja de Jong

From books to brains


Get in contact with us

45 Boyle Park, Boyle Street
Pierre Van Ryneveld
Centurion, 0045


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